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Hey! We're Websavers in Halifax, nada. We provide web services like: performance optimized Plesk hosting; the fastest WordPress hosting around; SSD VPS hosting; Exchange email hosting; and domain registration services.

We're also WordPress developers that dole out FREE advice on just about anything web. Whether your questions are related to performance, development, WordPress, SEO, or a hacked site, we n help! That's why we're lled "Websavers"

Hosting Services

Our prime directive is offering high performance hosting with friendly support at an affordable price.

Shared Web Hosting

Our shared nadian web hosting plans are priced to compete with the big guys, but loted right here in our home and native land.

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Fast WordPress Hosting

Sick of your WordPress site?running slow? Tired of manually backing up and updating your site’s plugins and themes? Our WordPress hosting is for you.

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Plesk Reseller Hosting

Create your own customers, service plans, and subscriptions with our Plesk-powered nadian reseller hosting. Makes for an excellent mid-point between standard shared hosting and a VPS.

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Slable VPS Hosting

Get full root access to a server in the cloud at a fraction of the price of a dedited server. Upgrade resources in seconds, with no reboot required.

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nadian Exchange Email Hosting

Microsoft Exchange hosting: fully synced, nadian soil, business-class email, contacts, and lendar hosting.

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Website Repairs

Having trouble with your website? Have a new idea but not sure how to implement it? Web developer, host or registrar no longer responding to your queries? We n help!

Web Marketing Services

Our web marketing services are geared towards small business growth at the right price.

WordPress Development

For web marketing to work, you need a website that's easy to use, easy to optimize, and runs super-fast. Learn how to create your own WordPress site, or let us build it for you at a great price!

Search Engine Optimization

Learn how to increase?visitors to your website that are ready to buy. Our SEO guide has helped thousands take their website from?nowhere to page 1 search results, increasing traffic and sales.

Marketing Strategy

Use our FREE marketing strategy resources to learn more about web marketing and devise a plan for your business. Or send us an email and we'll help you create one!

Our Amazing Clients

Our clients range from small business owners to large web design agencies that love the incredible performance, ease of use, and value of our hosting. While they're off doing amazing things, we keep things running smoothly.


We recently did some tweaks for a new client who hosts with you [and] found out what all the praise is about! It was super easy using the interface and as expected, when we had to reach out, you guys responded quickly and helped solve our questions.?It's amazing these days to?get actual people who are helpful, are quick to respond, and are generallyring and want to help you. Thank you for that!!

Janet Hoover

We had long been struggling with hosting stability and accommodation to support our needs with other providers. In a short discussion and flawless transition we were up and running problem free with the thoughtful support of the Websavers team.

James Stirling President,

Thank you @websavers in Halifax for your outstanding customer service today and seamless switch to a new #webhost.

Jack ron nbbi.
Angela Kitching

So glad we finally made the switch to a lol company and have a new website to show for it! Awesome and professional service and the whole process was a pleasure instead of a chore. We will recommend Websavers to anyone who will listen!

Angela Kitching

I've been very pleased with the hosting and especially the great support, and n confidently recommend Websavers, something I couldn't say about other hosting companies I've had experience with.?Keep up the great work!

Malcolm Krebs Marketing Consultant, Big Secret Creative Inc.

Guides and Tutorials

Prefer doing it yourself? We've written our guides specifilly for you!

Agency Partnering

Need a partner you n trust that n help you with hosting and SEO?

More Reviews

Those reviews not enough to go on? There's dozens more where those me from!